If the Imam deputizes a Latecomer Who has missed Two Rak'ahs to take His Place

Question :
If the Imam lost his Wudhu' due to breaking wind in the fourth Rak'ah of the prayer, and appointed in his place as Imam one who arrived late, catching the prayer in the third Rak'ah, what is the ruling on those began the prayer in the first Rak'ah or the second with the first Imam? Is it allowed for them to make the Taslim before the second Imam, or is it permissible to add the length of the prayer by following the second Imam?

Answer :
If the situation of the worshippers is as described, it is obligatory for those who caught the first and the second Rak'ahs with the first Imam not to stand with the second Imam when he stands up to complete his prayer; instead, they should remain sitting, because they have already prayed four Rak'ahs and that is the obligatory prayer. And it is not permissible for them to make Taslim before the Imam, Because it has been authentically reported from the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) that he said:
The Imam is there to be followed ...
"The Imam is there to be followed ... "
Al-Bukhari nos. 722, 734 and Muslim no. 414.
And may peace and blessings be upon our Prophet, Muhammad and upon his family and Companions.
The Permanent Committee

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