Storing Books and Magazines That Have Pictures in Them

Question :
As a student in secondary school, i enjoy passing my time by reading, which has promoted me to subscribe to a number of magazines. Some of these are Islamic in content, some are general news and general information, and some are military magazines. Most of these magazines, though have pictures of people in them. I store these in a private office. I am aware of the punishment picture-makers will receive and I am also aware that angels don't enter any home in which a dog or picture is present - these facts I am made aware of by sayings of the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him. Please clarify this issue for me, in such a way no doubt is left in my mind.

Answer :
There is nothing wrong with keeping, newspapers, and magazines - those that are beneficial - even if there are some pictures in them. You should, however, wipe out any pictures of women and the faces of men, applying the authentic Hadith in this regard.
Ibn Baz

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