This is a Form of Cheating and Deceit

Question :
I am an employee in a government service. I was given special papers for a medical examination. Other than the eye test, I went through all of the tests. For the eye test, I had asked one of my relatives to take it. Ten years have passed and I am still working in my job. What should I do?

Answer :
You are not allowed to deceive or to cheat, whether it is what you did for the eye test, or for anything else. You should inform your employer about what you did. If you have been performing your job properly, then - all praise is due to Allah - the past work is correct. But you should not return to this kind of deception; you should ask Allah Almighty to forgive you for your cheating.
Ibn Baz

Tags : dhoka, cheat, faraib, deceit, mulazim, employee

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