Getting a Job Based on a Degree That Is Obtained by Cheating

Question :
There is a student who obtained a university degree, but throughout his study, he would sometimes cheat by bringing his notes with him into the examination room by getting answers from classmates. He did this to help him get through the years and to eventually get his degree. After he graduated, he got a job based on that degree. Is the money he earns from this job lawful or unlawful? Keep in mind, though, that he does actually properly perform all of the tasks of his job; in fact, he sometimes works extra hours without pay to complete his work, If what he did in the university was unlawful, what can he do now to fix that wrong?

Answer :
He should have a sense of grief and repent to Allah for what he did. As for the job, it is lawful, and so is the salary he makes from it, as long as he performs the duties that are required of him - and all praise is due to Allah, I repeat though, that he must repent from this evil behavior and repentance obliterates what preceded it.
Ibn Baz

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