Question :
Is using an intermediary (a connection or contact who intercedes for you in something to get you what you want) unlawful? For example, if I want to get a job accepted into a school, can I use a connection to help realize that?

Answer :
First, if someone intercedes for you to get a job, a job wherein you are not as qualified as the other applicants - in terms of knowledge and skill - then that intercession is unlawful. It is unlawful because it is a wrong against someone who is more deserving, and ultimately, a wrong against the employer because he is not getting the best person for the job. Furthermore, it is unlawful because it is a wrong against Islamic society, a society that should be allowed to benefit by the most skilled and professional workers. This practice breeds mistrust and jealousy. However, if no person's right are infringed , then it is not only permissible, but it is also recommended by the Shari'ah and the intermediary will be rewarded, if Allah wills. It is confirmed that the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him said:
intercede and you will be rewarded, and Allah brings about what He wills upon the tongue of His Messenger.
"intercede and you will be rewarded, and Allah brings about what He wills upon the tongue of His Messenger."
Al-Bukhari no. 1432 and Muslim no. 2627.
Secondly, schools, institutes and universities hold the duty on behalf of the Muslim people to teach what benefits their students in their religion and in worldly matters. No one person has more right to that than another, except in cases of charities.
So, if it is known by the intermediary that his efforts prevent another who is more worthy, or more qualified, or because he has seniority, etc., then such mediation is not allowed because of the wrong that results thereby. Another more worthy candidate may, for example, be forced to travel to a more distant school, unnecessarily causing him fatigue, just so the candidate who used an intercessor could relax. such practices can only serve to undermine trust in society and to cause rancor and jealousy to flourish.
May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and his companions.
The Permanent Committee

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