Inviting Others to Something that You are not Able to Practice Yourself

Question :
If after repeated attempts, a person is not able to apply something that he exhorts others to do, is it still permissible for him to call others to do that action? What if he does so supposing that the person he is calling will be able to apply what he failed to apply himself?

Answer :
When one is inviting others to a good thing that he is not himself capable of doing, then yes should call others to do it. An example of this is if someone calls others to pray late at night while he himself is not able to do so. If someone calls others to charity, but he himself has no sufficient resources to give charity, then we tell him to go ahead and invite others to give charity. But as for him calling to something that he is capable of applying, but doesn't, then this is foolish in intellect and astray in religion.
Ibn 'Uthaimin

Tags : neki, good, dawat, invite, amal, practice

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