Don't Obey Your Father if He Asks You to Divorce Your Wife

Question :
After a dispute between my wife and my father, the latter insisted upon me divorcing her, if didn't comply, he threatened to sever ties with me until the Day of Judgement. Should I carry out his order, even though my wife did not err or do any wrong against me?

Answer :
This happens often, but it also often ends in a truce between the two parties after they are given time to reflect and regret their rash behavior. Sometimes though, this happens too late. So don't precipitate a divorce. First try to send her to her family as a sign of dossatisfaction for her behavior with your father. Then, try to appease and pacity your father, apologizing on behalf of your wife. But don't obey him in this matter if she is innocent and has done no wrong. And may Allah guide us to the truth.
Ibn Jibreen

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