Taking Permission from both Parents: a Condition for Voluntary Jihad

Question :
Is it a condition to get permission from both parents before going to perform Jihad with the Afghans?

Answer :
In the case where Jihad is compulsory upon every Muslim individual, one doesn't have to get permission from one's parents; obeying them if they refuse in this situation is tantamount to obeying the creation in disobedience to the Creator. But when the case of Jihad is a voluntary one, such as when people are already fulfilling the obligation, then one has to first get permission from his parents, then if one does not get permission he would not volunteer for Jihad according to what is well known among the people of knowledge. Thus based on this principle, if we apply it to the Jihad in Afghanistan, when it was obligatory on each person, then there is no obedience to a creature in disobedience to the Creator, and when it is voluntary then there is not volunteering except with permission of his parents.
Ibn 'Uthaimin

Tags : nafil jihad, voluntary jihad, shart, condition, permission, ijazat

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