The Ruling on Making the Atonement for an Oath as Money

Question :
My mother must make atonement for an oath. May I pay the value of food for ten poor persons in Saudi Riyals to a charitable organization on her behalf? And what is the value of the food (for ten poor persons), if it is correct to pay it in Saudi Riyals? Advise us and may Allah reward you.

Answer :
If your mother is dead, or she is alive, and and she has permitted you to make the atonement for her, then there is no sin upon you in making the atonement for her. But the atonement is food, not money. This is what has been mentioned in the Noble Qur'an and purified Sunnah. This requires giving half a Sa' of the staple food of the country, such as dates, or wheat or anything else. And the amount is approximately one and a half kilograms. If you fed them lunch or dinner, or clothed them with garments suitable for prayer, that would be sufficient - that is a long shirt or a waist wrap and an upper wrap.
Ibn Baz

Tags : kufarah qasam, atonement for oath, naqdi, money, falahi tanzeem, charitable organization

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