The Continual Emission of Wind

Question :
I am afflicted by an illness due to which I am unable to remain in a state of ritual purity. Because of this, it is difficulty for me to pray and read the Qur'an or perform any act of worship which requires ablution. This is against my wish and completely unintentional, and the wind does not afflicted me except when the ablution water touches my skin. For this reason, I feel restless during the prayers which necessitate sitting, such as Friday prayer, the two 'Eid prayers, the normal obligatory prayers and when reading the Noble Qur'an; and I an unable to be at ease except when I invalidate my ablution, so my prayer, with this illness, is without tranquility, as I am in fear of losing my ablution. Is there any license or permission for me to alleviate the harshness of this illness, even if it be through comparative judgment with a paralyzed person. Please tell me the solution, may Allah reward you.

Answer :
This appears to be due to the whispering which is a trial to so many people in ablution and prayer. In your case, if the matter is as your say, then you are excused, as it is analogous with a person who continually breaks wind - like a person who is incontinent of urine. Therefore, you must make ablution when the time for prayer becomes due, to the time for the Iqamah [The announcement that the congregational prayer is ready.], is near, and you should try to the best of yours ability to preserve yourself from that which invalidates your ablution; but if it is too much for you, and you are not able to withhold the wind, your prayer will be correct, Allah willing, due to the presence of this problem, which is not of your choice, and almost amounts to compulsion, And Allah knows best.
Ibn Jibreen

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