This Act is an Offence Against Faith

Question :
A certain brother wears a gold wedding ring and he says that this ring has the name of his wife written in it, and if he removed it, she would be very angry. Such anger might even lead to separation. What then, should he do to convince his wife regarding this?

Answer :
It is incumbent upon him to fear Allah, the Almighty, the All-Powerful and to remove this gold ring, because gold is forbidden to the males of this (Muslim) community. The Prophet Peace Be Upon Him saw a man wearing gold ring and he removed it and threw it away, saying:
(If)any of you wishes (to wear) a live coal ...
"(If)any of you wishes (to wear) a live coal ..."
Muslim no.2090.
i.e., then let him wear it (the gold). And when the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him left, it was said to the man: "Take your ring and benefit from it." He said: "By Allah, I will not take a ring which was thrown by the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him."
This regards wearing gold. However, if this was accompanied by corrupted belief, which is that some women - and possibly some men also - write the names of their spouses on these rings, believing that the ring containing the name is a reason for the husband and wife saying together. That is an offence against creed. Because this is a corrupt belief without any basis in the Islamic Law, nor in reality. For how many men wear rings containing the names of their spouses and he parts from her quickly, and disagreements, arguments and fights occur between them, as is well known? And how many men who do not know this at all, there exists between him and his wife affection and love, as is well known.
Based upon this, we say to this man: Fear Allah, Almighty, the All-Powerful and do not place your desires and the desires of your wife before the guidance of Allah, the Almighty, the All-Powerful. You must remove it, and know that if you remove it, your wife will not be angry because you have sought Allah's Pleasure by making the people angry - for whoever sought Allah's Pleasure by making the people angry, Allah will suffice him from any need from the people. And whoever sought the pleasure of the people by invoking Allah's Anger, Allah will be Angry with him and so will the people. This is why I repeat: Remove this gold and do not wear it, nor wear silver containing the name of your wife. Likewise, if your wife is wearing a gold ring with your name on it, then change it and remove the name from it. Then Allah make your affairs easy for you, and He will give you relief, and make a way out for you, and He will make your wife happy with you, and remove the anger that you fear.
Ibn 'Uthaimin

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