The Husband's Covering Defects in Himself is a Form of Cheating and Deception

Question :
Allah, Most High ordained for me the illness known as Al-Bihaq, but He was kind to me, in that he made most of its appearance on the skin in places which are hidden on my body. This illness began when I was twenty years old and I have endeavored to find cure, but Allah had not permitted me until now to be cured, due o wisdom known only to him, Most Glorified. Fifteen years later, I proposed marriage and at that time there were three patches visible on the back of my right hand, in addition to others on parts of my body which were covered. Throughout the period of the engagement, which lasted for six months, I did not want to be open with my fiancee or her family regarding this disease, fearing that they would renounce their acceptance of me. I though that since it was visible on my right hand, and they was it throughout the period of the engagement, then that should be an indication to them that it might be present on other parts of my body.
In these circumstances, the marriage was completed, but when my wife moved to the marital abode and saw the illness which has afflicted my body, if offended her and she became extremely rebellious, considering that I had deceived her by not being completely frank with her. This made her feel that she only acquired distress and loos in this marriage contract. I accept that I met her insolence with harshness and severity at times and by beating at other times, but she did not ask to be parted from me. After some years of living in pain with me had passed, she accepted what Allah had ordained for me and she resigned herself to the situation. And now she has borne three children and our marriage has lasted for thirteen years. But often, I strongly repent that the marriage was completed in this way, so much so that I desired that she should ask me for a separation, so that I might not be guilty of injustice to her. Was I unjust in not being open about the disease afflicting my body, in spite of the fact that it was visible on my hand during the period of the engagement? And was my marriage in these circumstance correct? Or am I obliged to do anything else now?

Answer :
There is no doubt that not being open with her about the disease which you, or what has hidden of that disease, was a deception and a form of cheating. And regarding the patch on your right hand, we do not know if it is plainly visible and is an evidence of this disease, or whether it is small and hidden and was not an evidence of the disease, or whether it is in a shape which might be though to be a scar from a burn or some such thing. In short, our advice is that you should made clear to her and to her family what was hidden from them in this matter. As for your treatment of her after that, you were guilty of sin, but the right belongs only to her and there is nothing you can do now except ask for forgiveness for covering up this defect of yours in the past. As for the harsh manner in which you treated her, if she pardons you for it and forgives you - and we hope that she will pardon you and forgive you - there is a great goodness therein, according to the Words of Allah, Most High:
But whoever forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is with Allah.
"But whoever forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is with Allah."
Ash-Shurah 42:40.
- and the Words of Him, Most High, in which He describes the people of Paradise:
and who pardon men.
"and who pardon men."
Aal-Imran 3:134.
So forgiveness along with reconciliation is goodness, and in it there is a great reward with Allah, Most Glorified, Most High. So my advice to you is to exonerate yourself from your wife, asking her to forgive you. And my advice to her is to pardon you, because she is the mother of your children and the life between you and her is a partnership now. And we ask that Allah, Most High that He accept the repentance of all.
Ibn 'Uthaimin

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