Impotence and Marriage

Question :
I am a young man of twenty-two years of age and I am afflicted by impotence - sexual weakness, which is approximately thirty-five percent. After medical examination, I was prescribed some medicines to invigorate me, and in truth, they do stimulate sometimes. For this reason, I am asking if I would be guilty of sin in using these medicines? And I am also asking if I would be Guilty of sin if I married a lawful girl?

Answer :
You must accept what Allah, Most High has created and ordained, because there exists a great difference in the levels of desire found mankind. Some have intense physical desires and strong lusts and others a little or a lot less so. There are also those without any physical desires. I do not think that these medicines will provide an effect which will last for your whole life; they only increase desire for a short time. Then the normal state returns. If you have the desire for marriage, even if it be slight, then you may marry, and it is sufficient that you are able to perform sexual intercourse, even if only once in a month or once in two months.
Ibn Jibreen

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