He Married Her, Then He Discovered That She was Ugly

Question :
I did not see my wife until after the wedding ; and after I had moved in with her, I discovered that she is ugly and has a bad odor. Am I guilty of sin if I divorce her and marry another, because I cannot afford to marry two?

Answer :
There is no sin upon you - Allah Willing - in this, because you will not find repose or happiness with a person to whom you find averse, and with whom you hate to live. There is no doubt that a smell such as this is included in the faults or defects for which a husband has the right of annulment, and the return of what he has spent, due to the aversion and disgust which you feel for something which you dislike.
Allah has made divorce permissible when there are reasons for it. And the manner of divorce in accordance with the Sunnah has been explained in the Qur'an and Hadith and no sin or objection has been mentioned regarding it. The sin is only upon the guardians of the wife, who covered up these defects in her, And Allah knows best.
Ibn Jibreen

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