It is Not Necessary That Blood Flows When the Virgin is Beflowered

Question :
If a person married a Muslin girl who prays, and on the wedding night, no blood flowed from her at the time of sexual intercourse; and I have heard a medical opinion which states that there a few or rare cases when blood does not flow at the time of deflowering her virginity. In case where she is not virgin, is it permissible to continue the marriage, or is it recommended to break the bond, even if it is expected that she would be a good wife?

Answer :
It is not required at the first sexual encounter that the blood of virginity be seen, because ofter the woman is old, or it might have dropped with the flow of menstrual blood, or due to a strenuous activity like jumping etc. So we advise you to keep your wife, and have a good opinion of her, and be a good companions to her, especially since that she will be a good wife, if Allah wills.
Ibn Jibreen

Tags : shab zufaaf, wedding night, azala bkarat, beflowered, khon nikalna, blood flows

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