The Ruling on a Suitor Denying That He is Married to Another

Question :
Is it a condition for the validity of marriage that the man who wishes to marry a woman inform her that he is married to another, if he was not asked about it? And is there any consequence if he denies it when asked?

Answer :
A man is not required to inform his wife or her family that he is married, if they do not ask him. But in most cases, this is known, because marriage is only completed after some time and after investigations and inquiries have been made established. But it is not permissible to conceal anything. So if it happens that one of the two spouses lies, and other one had built his or her acceptance upon it, then that spouse has a choice: If he mentioned that he was not married and he lied about it, she may have the marriage annulled; and it they said that she was virgin when she was in fact a matron, he has the option to complete the marriage or leave her.
Ibn Jibreen

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