There is no Necessity For a Medical Examination Before Marriage

Question :
I want to marry my paternal uncle's daughter, but she and some of my close companions advised me to have a medical examination so that we may rest assured regarding the genes of heredity. Does this involve any interference in Allah's Decree and His Divine Predestination? And what is the ruling of the religion on this examination, may Allah grant you success?

Answer :
There is no need for this examination and you should both have good opinion of Allah, Most Glorified says, in the narration attributed to Him by the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him:
I am according to how My servant perceives Me.
"I am according to how My servant perceives Me."
Al-Bukhari no. 7505 and Muslim no. 2675.
And also because the examination might give an untrue result. May Allah free us and you from every evil.
Ibn Baz

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