The Prayer started while he was in Tawaf

Question :
If a person began the Tawaf of the Ancient House (the Ka'bah), and he performed three or four circuits of the Tawaf and whatever he was able, then the prayer started, what should he do? Does he stop the Tawaf and complete it? And if he stops it, Does it start based upon what he already did or does he starts all over again?

Answer :
If the prayer begins while he is performing Tawaf, he prays. Then after finishes his prayer, he completes whatever is left of his Tawaf, but he does not count the last circuit from the circuits that he did before the prayer, if that circuit was was not complete. The complete circuit is the circuit that is made from the Black Stone. So, if it is not completed, he begins (again) from the Black Stone. And this view contains security against the difference of opinion (in this issue).
Ash-Shaykh Ibn Baz

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