Hair falling out of the Head of the Muhrim

Question :
What should the woman in Ihram do if some hair falls out of her head against her will?

Answer :
If hair falls out of the head of the person in Ihram - whether it is a male or female - when he wipes it during Wudhu' or when he washes it, that does not harm him. Likewise, if hair falls our of the beard of the man or his moustache or something of his nails off, that does not harm him if he did not do that intentionally. The only thing that is prohibited is that Muhrim intentionally cuts some of his hair and nails while he is in Ihram. Likewise, the woman may not intentionally cut anything (from her hair or nails). In reference to something falling off without the person intending that, then these are dead hairs that fall out during movement, and their falling out does not harm. And Allah knows best.
The Permanent Committee

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