Allah guarantees Sustenance, But...

Question :
From those who hide themselves with and wear the garment of Islam I have heard the claim that sustenance is guaranteed by Allah, the Most Glorified, Most High and that whoever is God-fearing and sticks to the correct path of Islam will eat from above him and below him and from where he never expects it; but why do people die from hunger before and drought in some areas? Is there not a guarantee from before which is conditional upon obedience (to Allah and His Messenger Peace Be Upon Him)?

Answer :
There is no doubt that Allah, the Most High guarantees sustenance for all created things and He ha made for them their means (of attaining it), but He may test people - even if they be believers - by trail, in order to show who is patient and who is not. And He, the Most High has made the means of acquiring sustenance easy man strengthen the ability to pursue trade, profit and to seek sustenance. But if he does not make use of this strength and ability, then he is not protected from being afflicted by hunger, poverty and pain. Likewise, Allah might afflict a land in which there are cattle and other livestock, as a punishment for the people's sins, disbelief and because they abandoned their obligations.
Ibn Jibreen

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