The ruling on delaying the Zakah of Wealth and Zakatul-Fitr

Question :
Is it permissible for a person to keep the Zakah of his wealth or Zakatul-Fitr in order to give it to one of the poor people who is not able to get in touch with yet?

Answer :
If the amount of time is short and not long, there is no harm in him keeping it until he can give it to some of the poor people among his relatives or someone who is poorer or in more dire need. However, it should not be long period of time. It should only be a number of days that are not numerous. This is in reference to the Zakah of wealth. Concerning Zakatul-Fitr, it should not be delayed for later, Rather, it is obligatory to pay it before the 'Eid prayer, as the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him ordered. It may be given before the 'Eid by a day or two or three. There is no harm in that. However, it should not be delayed until after the prayer.
Ash-Shaykh Ibn Baz

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