The ruling on Invoking Allah's Mercy on an Unrighteous Person

Question :
One of my relatives died and he was an unrighteous man throughout his life although he did pray. So is it permissible to invoke Allah's Mercy upon him and to supplicate for him after his death?

Answer :
It is permissible to supplicate for him and to invoke Allah's Mercy upon him so long as he was a Muslim and professed the Shahadatan (The two testimonies : (i) that none is worthy of worship except Allah and (ii) that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.) and he prayed and performed the apparent rites of the religion. It is his right that supplication be made to forgive his sins and the evil he committed in the hope that the supplication of Muslim will be accepted and he will have his sins erased.
Ibn Jibreen

Tags : fasiq, unrighteous, rehem, mercy, dua, supplication

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