Animals slaughtered by Polytheists

Question :
if a person deems as lawful animals slaughtered by a Mushrik, and uses as an argument the Word of Allah:
Animals slaughtered by Polytheists
"Eat, then, the meet of animals upon which the name of Allah is pronounced, if you believe is his Verse."
Al-An'am 6:118.
He claims that this Verse is self-explanatory, and does nt accept any other argument. is such a person to e considered as a disbeliever?

Answer :
He who claims lawful consuming meat of animals slaughtered by a Mushrik is wrong, not a disbeliever because he is confused. The above-mentioned Verse dose not support his claim, because it is unanimously agreed that the meat of animals slaughtered by a Mushrik is prohibited to consume. He who has the knowledge should clarify this to him.
The Permanent Committee

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